About Lemon Lettings & Sales

About Lemon Lettings & Sales

About Lemon Lettings & Sales

Lemon Lettings & Sales specialises in residential and commercial property lettings and sales. We’re well known for our 8% managed lettings service. The firm is run by two directors – Harry and Marco. Both are landlords, and used to be tenants.

We had several disappointing experiences with estate agents, both as landlords and as tenants. Together, we decided to launch Lemon Lettings & Sales. How are we different? We’re run by landlords, for landlords. There is a desperate need for a estate agent that is fair, affordable and most importantly acts on both the landlord’s and tenant’s best interest. We strive to achieve a win-win relationship.

Harry – “I have used various agents in the past to manage my properties. I started to question the value after reviewing several statements and visiting my properties. Furthermore, I found it difficult to speak to a decision maker. I decided to regain control and manage the properties myself, utilising my network and property experience.”

Marco – “In my previous FTSE100 role, I worked across 6 UK cities. As my placements lasted for 6-12 months, I decided to rent. The vast majority of my tenancies were disappointing to say the least. I disliked the additional hidden fees and employees trying to sell you something they had little idea, nor passion about.”

Both Harry and Marco have extensive knowledge of Leeds and the surrounding areas – having grown up in different areas of Leeds and both attended Leeds Grammar School. We love what we do and hope that you consider Lemon Lettings & Sales for all your property needs.

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