Office to Let Leeds

Office to Let Leeds

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Offices to Let Leeds

Looking for an office to let in Leeds? You’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of offices to rent in and around Leeds – take a look at the available properties below.

If you’re looking for a cheap office to let, we also have astonishingly low cost offices to let in Leeds from just £30 a week.

Finding the right office can present challenges in terms of location, cost, or terms of the lease. And renting the right office for your business can be vital for its success. If you’re not sure what you want, or can’t see it below, get in touch to speak to us about your requirements.

We will draw on our expert local knowledge to advise you on the ideal office for you, the right location and the rental price you can expect to pay.

You may also find our handy guide to renting the right office helpful.

Office To Let Leeds
Office To Let Leeds

Find Your Perfect Office Today

Guide to Renting The Right Office For Your Business

Location, location, location

Is the office easily accessible by public transport or the Leeds road network? What’s it like at rush hour? Will clients be able to find it easily?

You will want to be near a shop to buy lunches, and perhaps near a bank with business services. And potential employees will be attracted by other nearby amenities such as a gym, cash machine, and supermarket.

You need to rent an office that fits with the practical side of your business, but don’t forget about your brand. How your office appears to your customers needs to support your company persona.

Ensure there is enough parking nearby so your staff and visitors can get to the office easily. People are keen on sustainable transport these days, and being green looks good for your business too, so having some cycle storage, and even a shower, is a good idea.

Check the adequacy of the office security for keeping your people and equipment safe. If there’s a chance of employees working late, make sure the surrounding area is safe too.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Is the office the right size? You want some room to grow, but not so much you’re tied in to paying for space that will never be filled.

Square footage doesn’t always do what it says on the tin. It may consist of a huge open space, or several small rooms. Makes sure the space is suitable for your needs.

If you want open plan, your preferred layout of desks and equipment can affect the sense of, or available, space, so consider your design needs too.

Do you need additional facilities like a meeting room or kitchen?


Ensure you have a sound business plan in place with a realistic growth strategy. Ensure the office or building has room to expand, or that your lease isn’t for too long a term to prevent you from moving onwards and upwards.

The letting agent may want to see your plan too, to check that you’re going to be able to fulfil your obligation. We do at Lemon Lettings & Sales!

And in case the worse happens, make sure you know and accept the penalties should you break your lease.


When setting your budget, remember there are costs beyond just your rent, such as business rates.

Utilities might be included in the rent, but there may still be service charges for communal areas.

Is the office in move-in condition, and if not who will pay for alterations?

Who is responsible for repairs, and the insurance?

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you are clear on all these points and that they are prescribed in the lease.

Remember, if you need more advice about an office to let, do get in touch with us.

Find Your Perfect Office Today

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